Thanks for reading

A sincere thank you to those who read my blog. It’s a strange thing writing a blog. You assemble a bunch of random words, attempting to create something meaningful (at least to yourself) and when it feels right you launch it into space where you likely will never know what, if any, impact your words have made on another human being.

Occasionally someone will make a comment, or give you a thumbs up “like it” (whatever that means), which is encouraging but not like a real conversation at all.

So here I am stuffing another message into a bottle, corking it tightly and tossing it into a sea of words.

Will it reach another shore?
Will the words I write touch anyone deeply?
Does it even matter that I bother to post anything?

I guess if those were the only questions that mattered no-one would ever write anything.

My partner is a musician, and I watch the struggle between performances that resembles an addiction. There is an itch that must be scratched, a driving force that must be focused and released. What I’ve observed, is that a musician must play, regardless of the audience, whether to a full house or to an empty porch swing. It’s not money, or fame, or the random comments of strangers, it’s the music. The music is the reason a musician plays. There are times that the individual notes, random bits of lyric, or a melody will haunt their conscious mind until it’s written down and set free.

It’s the same with writing. In order for the creative process to work it must be given free reign and allowed to live outside it’s host. That’s what I’m doing here, giving my words some air with the hope that they too may breathe. I do hope that you enjoy these posts as much as I do.

10 thoughts on “Thanks for reading”

  1. Anya Muller said:

    So Jordan, what made you want to write a blog? I have always thought about writing a German language blog about the differences in culture there and here. Where else did you visit in Europe? I have been everywhere! The USA is so much bigger, but people all think you can understand them because they all speak “English.” But the idioms are so differrent all over this place. The politics are also so different. You must spend a lot of tme in Canada. I noticed your partner, the muscician is from there. Where do you think you will end up? Does it matter to you, or will you live both places? Sorry for all the questions, but you are so interesting.

  2. Anya Muller said:

    Wow, I am so impressed by your writing. Your trip to Baden Baden sounds dreamy. Did your partner feel the same way as you? Your daughter sounds lovely, and I love the spelling of her name. So what interested you in going to Western? What are you major in there? It has been awhile since I was in Germany, but I grew up there. Nudity is not such a big deal there. It’s great to kick out of your writing. Take care.

    • Thank you Anya, you’re very kind. I think that Americans in general are a little too body conscious, and you’re correct that Europeans are more relaxed around nudity which I found refreshing once I became more comfortable.
      As for Western, it’s geographically close to home and their English department is quite good.

      Hope you keep reading. I’ll keep writing.

  3. Jordan
    I’ve read more of your stuff here recently and found it hilarious, touching, and sad. Good tonic for the soul mostly, like any writing worth reading should be, I suppose. I’ve known you for a long time, and it’s great to finally meet you, if that makes any sense. Glad you are so open, and also? so much closer. We must congregate for some rainy beers soon.

    • It makes perfect sense and I’m glad that I started this blog if only to fully explore more of what makes me,… well,… me,… I guess. Being introverted and overshadowed has made it difficult to be seen and heard and its so very nice that you’re finally getting to know me.

      As for beers. I’m in!

  4. Greetings Jordan!
    Glad I found your blog. Thanks to you for this post.Seldom do we find someone who genuinely thank .There is nothing like an original post where words flow out of your heart and yours is one.Enjoyed reading.


  5. This is so you!!!!

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