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This is not a tutorial. This is probably not even a good guide to what one should do if they wished to learn how to fly fish. This is instead my guide to the stupid mistakes and blunders I’m currently making as I teach myself how to fly fish. Yes, I’m that dumb. I’m teaching myself which means that I’ll entrench lots of bad habits and make oodles of amusing mistakes. So what. It will be fun!  Fun until I hook myself in the head, neck or back for the first time, then I may reconsider the entire fishing fiasco as just another bad idea.

Step 1: Do some research and then disregard all you’ve learned and just Get the gear. I went to Fred Meyers, the grocery store- my usual pick up place for bread, milk and eggs and what do I find at the back corner of the store next to the handguns and assault rifles- a whole wall of fishing gear. I chose a 9.5 foot whippy fiberglass rod with the el cheapo reel preloaded with backing and floating line. Total impulse buy! $43 bucks well spent. If the rod snaps off at the end, as most seem to break near the tip, I’m not out remortgaging the farm for a new rig.

Note: According to my research- size matters. I’ve selected the petite (#5) perfect for trout and pan-fish rod. I’ll not be hooking a salmon anytime soon, and if I do I’m tossing the rod in the river as I have no hope in actually landing the shimmery beast.

Step 2: Tie on the little fluffy bit (red yard) to the end of the leader and attempt to cast the bugger all over the front yard. I’ve been aiming for the mail box about 25 yards away. So far no such luck casting that distance. My neighbors now think I am insane, as the rod and line aren’t that noticeable but my flailing arms and occasional head ducking actions are more than apparent. Neighbors children now avoid me. This is really paying off in unexpected ways.

Note: Make sure that your practice casting area is free from overhead obstructions. Tall structures like power lines, poles or trees make great wind barriers and great fly-line catchers. Make sure to retrieve the fluffy bits of yarn from the lawn and low lying branches, otherwise make yourself a new casting fluffy bit from whatever suitable material you may have lying about the house.

Till next time. Happy casting!