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A special thank you goes out to Geraldine Brooks. Not only am I a fan of her more current works of fiction, but I just finished one of her older works and I’m stunned and ever so glad to be a woman living in a country that gives lip service to equality for women. I’m not saying we here in the west have a perfect life, or even gender equality, but the trials of the women Geraldine describes makes me shudder and send up a little prayer in the hopes that someone’s listening.

This book is out-dated. It was published in 1995 and therefore some of the specific details of countries and atrocities against women have possibly been addressed, or relocated into other countries and social customs.

I for one would love a recap, a modern version of this text. I want to know how it turned out for the women who struggled. I want to know that the women who worked the system from the inside were successful and they made better lives for themselves and the women around them. I guess I want to hope that their sacrifices were for something positive and not in vain.