Judgment is a precarious thing. It sits, waits and pronounces. It evaluates harshly the tender efforts of the soul and flays the mind open to the winds of opinion. To balance ones self on that knifes edge is to risk mortal harm as it is wickedly sharp, fiercely determined, and blind to that which it inflicts. Who hasn’t heard a verdict spoken by loving lips only to wither and withdraw from prying eyes protecting the products of your own mind lest it be deemed unworthy. Unworthy to whom and what are your credentials that you seek dominion over my own thoughts. Seeking perfection is a lofty goal, to demand it from others falls just short of blasphemy as it disallows real connection to the human soul in all its imperfections.

Be gentle with those who learn at your hands.  You need not apply a whip, as a tender mercy will suffice and guide far more surely than your righteous words. Criticism intended to fan a spark into flame, often overwhelms and extinguishes.