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It’s that time of the year when most people evaluate their year and resolve to do things differently, more of the same, or decide to make big changes. Bully for them, and for you too if that’s your chosen route.

I have no desire to buck the trend, nor do I want to join the herd and do the expected. So no formal list of resolutions for me.

Instead I want to take a peek at how I’m framing my world and see whether or not I need to tweak a few things.

Here’s what I mean: A few weeks ago I had a conversation that went like…

“If you could do anything you wanted what would it be.”

Of course I took the “if you won a ton of money and could drop out of the working stiffs day-to-day what would that look like?” approach.My list probably looked a lot like yours. Travel more often and farther from home, learn new skills, be more self-sufficient, escape the rat race, buy a house, start a business, build a picket fence, buy an island, tell the spouse to quit her job; you know those kinds of knee jerk “gee I wish I could do that but I don’t have the cash” answers.

What I should have done was more along the lines of a practical approach “1. given that you will work until you drop dead, and 2. that you want to live a long happy life, 3. what would that life look like?”

This concept blew my mind. Mostly because it’s taking me a while to put those pieces in place and figure out how to get what I want and what I need to gel into a way to live that provides some stability and comfort while allowing me room to grow and learn. I’m still working it out. I know what I don’t want which is some sort of start. I even have some ideas that sound good on paper, but wonder if in reality does it really work for me, or is the idea conceptually cool but feasibly improbable.

For instance, I’d love to buy a boat and do some sailing. Like dream trip sailing. Once in a lifetime take on passengers for the ride sailing, but I get motion sick like a big dog.  So… can I overcome a physiological urge so that I can do the thing I want, or is it wishful thinking? No idea.

I think the plan at least for this year is to evaluate all the possibilities then decide what’s potentially viable, and what’s in the pipe ready to smoke that goes nowhere but up in flames.

Meanwhile I’m making dark malty beer (for my own consumption) and attending college, learning a few new skills and racking up student loans.