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Christmas for me has never been about playing in the snow, cold blustery winds, or temperatures below 50 degrees.

Call me seasonally handicapped.

I can’t ski, skate, or snowboard. Hockey is just a ridiculously violent sport and the first time I saw curling I almost peed myself from laughing and falling off the sofa. I still think curling is funny.

But yesterday I spent the day cross country skiing. Yes there were a lot of old, ok, really old people out there, but there were families with little kids too, and one crazy dude with a rickshaw sled complete with his baby girl inside squealing with delight. What time I spent on my feet was a blast, and falling down wasn’t so bad either although I’ll be sore for a few days.

For my family back home….here’s a white Christmas for you all.

For everyone else, Happy Holidays!

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