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A few weeks ago I sent out a request for the names of a few good books, and you didn’t disappoint.

I should have known better, of course you wouldn’t.

Gone girl! Amazing! Simply a great read, especially once you’ve trudged up to the half way mark then it’s a mental mind fuck of a masterpiece. MMMMmmmm. Thank you dear friend and reader for the suggestion.

New personal favorite Geraldine Brooks. People of the Book.

Think Dan Brown’s DaVinci Code without the testosterone, but instead of fast and furious, go deep and long with more in-depth characterization and story line. Take a phenomenally unique artifact like the Sarajevo Haggadah, a real tangible book, as the central object and build a universe around its history. It’s that good!

Next up.

50 shades of porn the triumvirate of  BDSM chick lit, the adult version. Yep! I’ve gone “chick lit” for the winter break.

Ordinarily I’m not the usual market demographic for this type of book; heterosexual college girl feels womanly lust of the sophisticated wealthy grey twenty-something man-boy doesn’t really crank me, but dammit it was cheap on Amazon. And authored by a woman which is probably why it’s so well received by the ladies.

And not vanilla! So far I can read it with a measure of buy in, you know that feeling that “yeah, this could happen, it’s not so far-fetched or just plain sad that it’s fun to suspend disbelief and just take the ride”

I’m a little concerned that once he starts riding her like a rented bicycle that I’ll have to ditch the book and walk away.

To be clear it’s not that I care about the emotional sexual connection between a man and a woman, or that I care to see the female (heroine/every woman) manifest her dreams of orgasmic bliss with Mr. Wonderschlong.


But I will not participate, even remotely with the objectification of women as sexual objects to be used roughly and discarded.  It’s a pathetic trend in society today and frankly it’s not only a sad commentary on life, but it’s sick and perverse too.

Back to my book…..maybe the author has avoided that icky pitfall and I’m anxious to see where this goes.