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Some nights when I sit at my desk I wish that I could share the ambient noise in the room, if only for a minute or so. You see the agreement I have with my wife is that while she writes new blues songs for her next album and practices for gigs, I get some private time to write. I’m very lucky that she’s a professional guitarist (else it would be miserable) and most people would pay pretty good money to hear what bounces off our walls almost nightly. There is right now, wafting through my consciousness and most of the house, the first few bars of Little Wing the Stevie Ray Vaughan  version, played for me on a Fender Telecaster not the usual Strat.

Although my ears don’t know the difference, I’m sure a guitar aficionado would say that the Tele is cleaner, with higher purer tones.

Regardless, the sounds in my ears tonight are like this youtube clip without the drum backup.

Little wing – 52 telecaster

Note to the purist; Little Wing is of course a Hendrix song and sounds best on the right instrument. But Hendrix played his right handed Stratocaster upside down, because he was left handed. Who can replicate that?