I can’t make up my mind. Which is better?

Video games for hunters, or actual hunters out in the bush.

If I was advocating for the animals, then clearly video games are the way to go.  Hurry Cabela’s having a black friday door buster sale! Video games $20.99 to $55.99 now!

No deaths, accidental or otherwise. No need for special clothing, 4X4 trucks with those big light bars which frankly guys isn’t fair at all. No fuss, no muss, no cleaning the guns or the carcasses. No hauling it to the butcher, no additional expense, no deer jerky, and no squirrel gravy.

But it’s such a lame ass thing to do. Oh I was going to go hunting but it’s raining, snowing, or the suns shining.  I’ll just crack a beer and sit on the couch and see if I can beat my high score, and kill bambi before the football game starts.

If I was advocating for the health and welfare of the flabby guys on the sofa, I’d have to say go hunting. What are you waiting for? Get out there. Go shoot something!

Go walk a few miles in search of bambi in your cool but totally unnecessary camouflage clothing. Note: My dad hunted in Blaze orange his entire life, no camo for him, and he wasn’t likely to get shot by his buddies because the bushes wiggled.

Dad also didn’t go hunting with guys who were likely to shoot in his direction. Remember just because Vice President Cheney can shoot a fellow hunter and get the poor schmoe to apologize on television for being in the way, doesn’t mean that you can. For the average guy it’s called assault with a deadly weapon, or attempted murder.

But remember the golden rule, you have to eat what you shoot.

Happy hunting!