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Earlier today I was introduced to Ken Nordine, well not actually Ken himself, but his body of work and words via a series of interviews and youtube clips. Mr. Nordine is the quintessential voice over guy that you hear everywhere, but like me you can’t put a face or a name to the smooth rich bass of his voice. He began his career memorizing poetry and reciting it with friends playing jazz as backup & background effects. After a few weeks he realized that he was gaining an audience and they were the same people, so he had to branch out and work up another gimmick. His gimmick was to use that fabulous voice of his and speak on topic, whatever struck the fancy of his far too literate brain. Seventy years later he’s still at it. Ken Nordine turned 90 in 2010, and when asked how he’s lasted so long in life and in the recording business, he replied:

I have


A beautiful wife,

No stress,

My ego is under control,

I hate boredom,

I have so many projects that I have to do that…

I can’t die.

That looks like a good recipe to me, and I may even have some of the ingredients already. Now if I could just get my ego under control…

This is what it looks like when I put those words together. A big blob of intensity, not the blissful sentiments of an elderly man.