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There is an article in the Christian newspapers about an elderly Chinese woman who was pushed to the ground for presenting her affirmative stance on the “REJECT Referendum 74” to people on the street. Apparently the action was followed up with the shoving of a pregnant black woman who paused to help the old woman up from the ground.

Incredible how many ethnic minorities we have in one news story. I personally would love to see the video. It feels almost staged.

Was the gay person wearing their gay sign, else how would we know it was indeed a gay person?

Now this poor elderly woman is the poster child for the anti-gay marriage cause, and the rash alleged gay person who pushed her is a violent offender. Crazy how this kind of thing happens.

I would argue that the elderly woman intended to provoke and offend the gay person. Lets face it, granny was trolling in public, gay-baiting for fun and profit.

But that’s no excuse for taking the bait and pushing her to the ground and making her a big media story.

Please folks I know that this is an exciting time. I know that gay folks have waited years, and for many people lifetimes, for the opportunity to be granted full citizenship privileges.

I know it’s a long time coming and you’re impatient.

But when you push around the stodgy homophobic elderly you do three things:

  • you break the law,
  • you make granny out to be a hero for the cause,
  • and more importantly you make yourself and the  rest of us look like bullies who have to push people around to get a legally entitled right.

Gay folks deserve equal treatment under the law. This is one of the rights and privileges of citizenship in the US.

Please act like you respect yourselves and your rightful place in society.

Honor your gayness and don’t fall for the desperate ploys of the anti-gay old guard.

Their day in the sun is setting.