In the Vancouver Sun this morning there is an article that details the sentencing of a Canadian man who hacked up his wife and put her in a suit case. There is also an article that speaks of the sentencing of a mother in the states who glued her childs hands to the wall. Guess who got more jail time?

The husband who murders his wife gets 14 years in BC, and the mom gets 99 years in the US.

I just want to know where the justice is.

Ok, granted children and spouses can drive you nuts sometimes. You (not me) may even harbor the thought “wouldn’t life be so much better if they weren’t here?”or “if I had a larger suitcase…wonder if they’d fit….”

But to hack them up into little pieces? Or glue their hands to the wall?

Why does a murderer get a lighter sentence than the mom? Yes, moms are supposed to love their children, but then aren’t husbands supposed to love their wives?

One of the comments, (I just love reading the comments) said of the mother ” anyone who harms a child should get the death penalty” It was a guy of course. BUT Why?

Isn’t the life of the wife just as valuable to her as the life of a child?

Where do we get off proclaiming that one life is more valuable than another? Valuable to whom?

Personally my life is damned valuable to me, and to infer that somehow the wife deserved what she got strikes me as cretinistic (of or pertaining to being a cretin, yes I made it up) and inhumane.

I’m not anti men, although I could make a damned good case for it. Think about it, every war ever started was started by men. 99.8% of all rapes are committed by men. 95% of all homicides-men. All the major crimes-generally men. Don’t believe me, check the weekly crime report in your local newspaper. Compare the names and evaluate for yourself how many crimes are perpetrated by men, and pay particular attention to the level of violence involved. Domestic violence, overwhelmingly male with the exception of the occasional lesbians gone wild episode. Dominant gender of persons incarcerated for any offense- male.

Dude who hacks his wife to death- 14 years. It’s a travesty and the judge/jury should be required to live with the family to get a good feel for what it’s like to lose a family member to murder.

Look guys, I don’t want you to ride around on your white horse protecting women. I don’t. That’s not your job either. What I want is to stop the victimization of women, and to eliminate the idea that somehow she deserved what she got when some asshole goes Rambo on her. I also think that the moms sentence is severe and exceptionally prejudicial given the actual events that transpired.

That goes for you ladies out there too, you’re almost as bad as the guys. Who hasn’t thought “well if she didn’t dress like a hoochy, she wouldn’t have…” In today’s society given the amount of money we spend on security and police forces, you should be able to walk naked to the 7-11 for a slurpie in safety. Having been to a few nude beaches I’m not proposing that, (remember the old guy in the speedo a few blog posts back, yeah, no go zone) but in theory you should be that secure.

Why aren’t you pissed off too?