My wife tells her friends and casual acquaintances that I am a writer. I’m flattered and touched that she thinks so highly of my talent that she wants to share. I really am.

But now it’s like I have these mystery shoppers checking me out and I don’t know who they are, and they’re reading my stuff and evaluating who and what I am based on the contents of my blog. AAHHHH!!! God I hope I measure up, or her friends will think I married well above my station.

No pressure! right?

Ok, it’s true I did marry up! Most days I don’t deserve her or her over-educated well-intentioned family. Some days I surprise even myself.

Lets begin with the obvious. I’m an introvert. A happy, healthy, chubby, and sarcastic, introvert. I love that you’re reading my blog. Much of it’s semi autobiographical, you will learn oodles about me, but only what I wish to share with the world of the internet. This means that you don’t really know me. I believe this is true for all bloggers, at least I hope it is.

One thing that you will catch on to quickly is that “it’s all true” yes every last word is absolute truth, AS I SEE IT.

That may be difficult for some of you Canadians, not because you can’t handle the truth, but because it’s too blunt and unpolished for your liking.

My blog- My rules. I’m like this in person too. I’m sorry, that too is true.

So here I am flying under the radar not attracting too much attention and here she is waving flags in my directions “hey look over here!” Now I have to make it good, or at least not so bad that you click off your computer in disgust or malaise.

I’ll try to live up to your expectations, but do give a shout-out to introduce yourself so that I know when I’m being shopped.