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There is a wall on an abandoned house in New Orleans that asks this question.

Before I die I want to …..

The entire side of the home is covered with plywood and a New Orleans resident used that space to create a living memorial to the dreams and aspirations of those who live and walk past the space.

It’s a simple plan. Ask permission of the owner and create a blackboard space with some paint and a little free time. Leave some colored chalk and watch it bloom.

Go here to see what the New Orleans wall and others around the world look like. Oh and if you want to build a wall of your own there’s a kit available for a nominal fee, or  free down-loadable templates if you’re on a budget like I am.


Personally I like the one in Savannah Georgia. Maybe it’s the pic of the girl standing on the frame of the bicycle that gets to me, or maybe it’s because the wall is packed with messages and the only free space is at the very top.

Oh, and my answer…it’s not a simple one liner.

How about…

Before I die I want to live up to and exceed my own potential and live according to my own values.


Before I die I want to overcome my propensity for seasickness so that I can sail wherever the wind blows me without wanting to puke over the railing.

So how would you answer this question?

Maybe you should build your own wall in your city. Send me a pic if you do.