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Last night I was watching CBC, the only Canadian television station that I can get on my uber limited cable connection in Blaine, and the topic for discussion was listed as something for selective viewers. The station felt it appropriate (and rightly so) to notify those with young children who might ask for more clarification, and young boys who might think it’s cable porn, that the show being presented may show graphic images of women. I tuned in toward the end of the broadcast so I must have missed the brief glimpse of a side angle slice of breast or graphic yet artistic drawing of the female reproductive system. In Canada “graphic” apparently means nude, naked or some semblance of exposed skin or perhaps the use of words which describe the genitalia also count. Not sure. I’ll have to consult and get back to you.

I’m not sure of the programs actual title, but it appears to have been something along the lines of ” the origins of the female orgasm.”  What I found typical and disturbing was that the show featured one male doctor after another speculating and postulating on the origins of the female orgasm. Anyone with half a brain would have asked the lesbian community; after all it’s their playground and who would know better than those in the field (so to speak). Not a lesbian in sight, not one. I was looking, hoping that my GAYDAR would trigger a sighting. NOPE. Perhaps they were the consulting staff or the willing and eager guinea pigs for the study. One will never know if their contribution was requested or their insights plumbed in the great search for knowledge.

Anyway! So this Doctor from the show ( I forget his name) has created the ultimate orgasm treatment package. Yes, package! He proudly displayed an assortment of medical instruments all set up in a tidy bundle and proclaimed them the absolute essential kit for medical personnel to administer his groundbreaking protocol to their female patients. He further noted that men have Viagra which is most often used purely for recreational uses, why not have the feminine equivalent?  For a mere $1850 you ladies can experience the ultimate pleasure, a “Grand Mal Orgasm (GMO)” my words not his. Of course you have to make an appointment with a physician who specializes in such procedures. Once there  you will find yourself escorted into a  sterile room where you will lie on a gurney in a hospital gown. Sound good yet? Once in position you must find “your position.” Oh yes, you must locate your own special sweet spot on your own so that you may guide the doctor in his quest for perfect symmetrical insertion of a syringe full of …well I’m not sure exactly what, but it’s reported to trigger one hell of a rocking ride of undetermined duration and increased sensitivity to stimulation. According to the show of course, it was not shown or described except in vague terms and oddly drawn figures. I guess it’s a professional secret only to be disclosed to the patient and any doctor who wants to license the “kits of joy” from the Dr in the show.

Here’s the link to the video; G-spot amplification and Vagina Rejuvenation

What I really liked was when the television reporter asked the Doc “if he considered himself a feminist.” This title was warmly embraced and the Doc said with a grand mal $1850 smile, “yes I am a feminist”. All I could think of was “asshole! A real feminist would give the specifics of the treatment out like candy at Halloween. Every grocery store would stock it on their shelves. Why yes, madam it’s over here on the O isle, next to the condoms and creams.” Am I wrong?

There would be no $1850 fee for a short-term blissed out pleasure. No ma’am. That Doc is a raging capitalist, one who prays on those unfortunates who are desperate or rich enough to desire his services. For that kind of money I think I’d fly myself to Hawaii and find my own “special”  place in the sun,  since you have to anyway for the “treatment.”  GMO in the sun with a side order of snorkeling in the lagoon? Yes, please. I’ll take two of those! Add a good book and a foofie drink with fruit and an umbrella and I’m in paradise.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think that women should have all the pleasure they can handle when-ever and where-ever they wish, and I think that if you can experience a GMO, then by all means please do so as frequently as you care to. But don’t call yourself a feminist and don’t take advantage of women who simply want to have a little more excitement in their lives.

Another thing. What kind of Chutzpah does it take to name a body part after yourself? The g-spot is named after the Dr. Ernst Grafenburg who “discovered it” although many in the medical industry consider it either the Holy Grail of womanhood or a complete and total myth.

Which is it? I know what I think, you should decide for yourself.