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Dark roast coffee lover seeks dark roast coffee for grinding and brewing experience where I will use, abuse, and consume your every drop of steamy goodness. You are rich but not too pretentious, bold but not acerbic, classy and filled with abundant taste and class without being too overwhelming. You mix well with accompaniment (cream and sugar) , but can hold your own naked as well. You are a delight after dinner and a necessity before breakfast. You will be taken “to go”, and held between eager fingertips on long cold evenings where your heat will be transformed and cherished. You are full-bodied and luscious and will be well appreciated by a true connoisseur of the bean.


I’ve tried the Trader Joe’s BOLD (meh), and their Dark Sumatra (which is quite good) and a plethora of other imitators who think that by cooking the living crap out of inferior beans that the unknowing public will buy their coffee if they promote it with cutesy images of bears, salmon, strong men with bushy mustaches, or some other gimmick that resembles machismo.

Starbucks and Tully’s have yet to impress me, but I’m open to trying again. Bring it!

Is it so much to ask for good tasting, well roasted but quality beans? Coffee roasters send me a sample of your beans!Please!

If it’s good I’ll gladly boast of your attributes publicly at every opportunity, and blog to my 2.6 friends about it too. If it’s really good I’ll gladly forego Trader Joe’s Sumatra which is quite tasty and buy from you wherever you happen to be. Ship it to me from Tahiti if you must.

I might add that while staying on the big island I quite enjoyed Kona coffee, but not the peaberry stuff.

Send me your best. Suggestions also gladly and most sincerely appreciated.