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Diablo Lake is a glacially fed lake that sits at the bottom of much larger Ross Lake. The water in August is COLD, not cool, not chilly or mildly goose-pimply, oh no. It’s COLD. You find that your extremities begin to shiver and numb almost immediately, with full on “can’t feel your feet” numbness in a matter of minutes. And our dog Ella loves it!

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The morning after site #7, we quickly started scanning the park for folks vacating their sites with the idea that we could trade up to a better site. Welcome #11! A walk in site which required us park and to traverse 2 log bridges over rushing frigid creek water and a ramble over a rock strewn path back into the trees and adjacent creek bed. #11 was infinitely more comfortable with the sound of rushing water filling our ears all night instead of screaming children. It required about an hour to pack all our stuff in, but we felt that it was well worth the extra effort for a secluded nights sleep in what appeared to be a more natural outdoor setting.

From all reports the fishing was generally for lake trout and those caught on a fly rod ranged from 8 to 12 inches, pretty much the perfect size for grilling over a campfire.