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Upon arrival on Friday afternoon at Colonial Creek campground, we discovered that the anticipated abundance of available campsites were simply not going to be our reality; in fact there were less than a handful and most required a hike uphill through rocky terrain and across rushing creeks. As we considered the work necessary to get our stuff unpacked out of the car, up hill and over dale, we chose the closest most convenient site, #7 and surrendered ourselves to the sounds of traffic and small unsupervised children on bicycles and razor scooters. Firmly nestled between the dumpster and the flush toilets, but thankfully up wind of either depository we settled in for the night thankful for any spot to pitch our tent.

As the sun set we found our way to the top of the pass and gazing downwards toward our home for the night. As the magic hour waned we captured the emerald-green water and snow-capped mountains through the lens of our iPhone cameras for some technically not so perfect  but nevertheless majestic shots. Click to view pics individually.