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I didn’t attend the Vancouver Pride parade. It’s not really my thing. What with all the rainbow flag waving, rainbow stickers and pink triangles about, I’m sure that my understated participation is not needed or sorely missed. Having not attended the event I was alarmed and a little taken aback with the article in the Vancouver Sun this morning in which the reporter discussed with mild repugnance the extent of which full male nudity had taken over the parade route.

Personally fellas I have no issue with you displaying your junk for the world to see, but on a city street in front of thousands of people? For gods sake man, people bring their children to this event and they don’t want to see your private bits bouncing down the boulevard, or struggling to see daylight from under your hairy beer belly. Lets be clear here, no-one wants that flaccid image in their heads.

I understand that you naked ones are proud to be gay and out of the closet, that is the point of the whole gay pride thing, but at what time did we decide that we could be proud, gay and naked as the day you were born and strutting your stuff down Davie St? Whatever happened to discretion? Or integrity? Self respect?¬† If you’re looking for attention, please put yourself on GRINDR and for $2.99 a month you can hook up with locationally convenient fellas until your heart’s content or it explodes from overexertion.

I know that the people who chose to disclose won’t give a rats red patooty about my opinion, but I believe that many of us would rather attend an event where all in attendance were respected and valued.

Feel free to disagree.

Final thought: I hope that someone remembered the sunscreen, the sun was brutal this weekend.

and for those of you who didn’t know about GRINDR, you’re welcome.