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In the wake of the Colorado shooting, and other incidents of accidental misfires that have claimed human lives, there is a general outcry for the limiting of access to guns. Handguns, rifles, shotguns, of all shapes and sizes and then there are those who wish to limit access to certain types of weapons. I understand the concerns and arguments of the participants and for the most part I agree. I really do. I think that there is no valid reason to have a weapon which can shoot more than one bullet without considerable time between reloading the next cartridge.

Chris Rock said several years ago that the real cost should be in the bullets, if bullets cost $5,000 dollars then you might think twice about using one. He was much funnier when he said it, but it’s true nonetheless.

Semi automatic and automatic assault rifles are designed with one purpose to kill people. I agree that we should ban these weapons, as well as other military weaponry designed to blow up, detonate and destroy, and gas or otherwise incapacitate a human being. That’s what we pay the military to do under the guise of protecting us and our liberties. If you want to do those things, please enlist with your local recruiter.

We  have had multiple opportunities to legislate gun ownership, yet we have repeatedly failed at every attempt. Why?

There are some simple reasons and some not so simple reasons that are closely tied to the fabric of our society.

Guns are big business, high dollar toys for boys. A recent online tour of Cabella’s left me with the understanding that the most inexpensive handgun would put me back more than $300 bucks, and the ones that I’d actually want to own were more around the 500-700 range. Then of course there’s the 5 day waiting period, no big deal if your planning ahead. The waiting period is really designed to postpone those “I gotta kill her now” urges. The waiting period is not generally applied at purchase if you have a concealed weapons permit, which costs roughly $52.50. Yes, that means that you can get a NEXUS card for weapon purchases at about the same expense and effort  as the card that shoots you across the border. I found this fascinating and a little disheartening, but it’s as easy as going to the King (or your county of residence) County Sherriff’s concealed weapon permit site and filling out a form http://www.kingcounty.gov/safety/sheriff/Services/Gun.aspx

Since the founding of this country we as Americans have had the right to bear arms. We as a nation have enjoyed this right for more than 200 years now. Given that those who wish to purchase or have otherwise obtain weapons (through legal or illegal means) already have guns; haven’t we let the cat out, had it procreate with every possible mate for the last century, and are now attempting to herd cats of every possible shape and size? Thats a lot of cats.

Then there’s the argument that “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people”, stupid and mean people kill more than their fair share. You can’t legislate stupid or mean. You can’t write a law that says only smart and nice people can own guns. Or if you want to use statistics, it is primarily men and children who kill people with guns. Maybe men and children shouldn’t have guns. Do you see the flaws in the logic?

In the US  legal system when a right is granted there is a corresponding responsibility. The responsibility of gun owners is to be careful, smart and judicious in the storage and usage of any weapon capable of taking a human life.

I’m not proposing a legislative answer or a solution, but if YOU own a gun please keep it stored safely away from children and keep in mind that most of US would like to live long enough to be a burden to those same kids in the distant future.