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I hate facebook with its superficial appearance of community. It’s not the media itself per say it’s the stupid shit I have to read to find the interesting bits from friends who seem to have bought into the idea that it’s THE way to communicate with friends and family.

On any given day I can read about the untimely death of a child I don’t know, or who had lunch with whom and what they ate, often accompanied with pictures of said lunch or tasty iced beverage.

I can read about a friends bicycle accident and see all the bruises without even bothering to go see how he is.  (I’m sorry about that by the way.  I should have made more of an effort to come see you. I’m a schmuck and I apologize. Really! )

I can read stupid political slogans advocating that I lose certain rights so that the white male majority can sleep in their beds at night secure in the fact that those less affluent are kept in their places; this wouldn’t be so bad except the crazy thing is that the people posting this tripe are the very ones being oppressed. It’s like being dirt poor in the south and voting republican. I don’t get it.

I can read thirty-eight posts about how sad friends are that a loved one passed away without one post saying “I know that you’re hurt by this loss. How can I help?” or “Are YOU OK?”

I can receive promotions and requests to go to shows put on by perfect strangers who are friends of friends who just wanted on my list to add numbers to their friend list.  Congrats you just got lucky! 23 new victims of your marketing plan await. Yes, it’s an intentionally low number and I am old, you have to actually be a friend or family member to get on my list.

Oh and don’t quote dumb song lyrics in an effort to appear interesting or informed. It’s a cheap cop-out, use your noodle and use your own words or go home and figure it out.

Really? Is this what we’ve devolved into? Has the quality of our relationships really become all about the quantity of people on our friend list?

I want out.

I want real conversations about topics that matter. I will not discuss the weather unless it’s a gully washer in progress.

I want to look friends in the eyes when I talk to them about how they feel, and what they think.

I want to disconnect the text feature on my phone.

I don’t want to play on facebook anymore.