I got a note from a friend the other day apologizing for losing touch, again. Seems our relationship is a series of intense conversations followed by months of no contact at all. I’m ok with this, as over the last decade or so I’ve come to expect and anticipate this behavior.  I’d not tolerate this kind of vanishing act in an acquaintance, or newly minted friend. Funny what you’ll tolerate when your friendship has a bit of history.

A few months ago I asked this friend to dog sit while I went on my honeymoon. I got the usual “Let me check with my wife.” followed by “maybe we could hang out at your house for a few days as a sort of mini vacation while you’re gone.” I was (and continue to be) amenable to this arrangement, but soon realized that my friend had dropped off the map again. After a few days I found another more dependable dog sitter. No harm no foul.

Here’s a snippet of the apology I received: “Been sick, and damn near stupid as a tailless, one eared, 3 legged dog named Lucky. Almost had to be hospitalized right after I spoke to you re house-sitting.”

The rest is the funniest and unfortunately tragic apology I’ve ever received.

Hey, Lucky! Apology accepted. Want to get some Thai food on the strip later this week? Call me….or not…..whatever…

Personally I hate apologizing, and anyone who knows me will testify that it’s a rare occurrence.

So in order to not be required to say the dreaded words “I’m sorry.”  I make every effort to make sure that I don’t step on anyones toes or hurt anyones feelings. Of course it’s impossible to completely avoid such trespasses and remain an active member of society.

I’ve noticed that some people will stick their toes in the way just to get an apology. It’s almost as if they’re looking to be hurt so that you feel obligated to… well….feel obligated.

I suppose hermits and misanthropes seldom have a need to say I’m sorry. That would require a lifestyle change that I’m not ready for. Yet.

Living la vida loca in Blaine!