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Are you as distracted as I am? I can’t seem to focus and can’t figure out if it’s the longer days, warmer (ish) weather, or just that I have 60 things I want to do and time and money for 28 of them.

After hibernating the past 6 months I want to go camping, or to some raucous concert where I can spread out a blanket , or hear the words road trip bellowed with gusto by my partner who actually means it. I’m getting ear worms with AC/DC lyrics and I’m convinced that it’s a subliminal message to get out of the house and go spray paint an overpass. Rock and Roll may not be noise pollution, but it’s a damned hard earworm to get rid of. Second only to anything by Led Zeppelin or the WHO. Sorry youngsters I know you can’t relate to my band selection, but I’m sure that some bands run between your ears when you’re trying to study, or read something thats important to retain with some degree of accuracy.

The culprit could be Pandora. I love Pandora.com  Sorry you Canadians, it’s an American thing, at least I think it is. Check it out and let me know.