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I’ve been travel blogging, and not even good travel blogs at that. All apologies for a truly mediocre blog experience. Just remember “you’re not paying for it.” In economic terms it’s a public good, or in this case a public good sometimes.

My excuse: I’m up to my eyeballs in finals, studying like a fiend, and finding no time for anything that even resembles fun. Right now (until Tuesday) micro-economics is the bane of my existence.

Did you know that since 1946 the American public (the bottom 80%) has become poorer, and poorer, and the top 20% have become richer and richer. Could have guessed that, right? Having a DUH moment?Me too.

But can you graph the changes over time and explain the difference in Givi coefficients? Or plot the variation in income based on income equality measurements between taxing some poor schmo 25% as opposed to 15% and his less capable buddy gets the other 10% as a handout from the government to even things out. Having fun yet? Me neither.

What I want to do is curl up with a good to great book, preferably a great one. I have one too; it sits there on the bedside table taunting me. Read me it says. Put down that horrid textbook and escape with me. I have to turn it over to get the last word. Whether or not you’re a fan of ooeyy gooey hallmark novels or not ( I’m usually not), Jodi Picoult’s writing style  is phenomenal. Her character development is tight and detailed, so much so that I can’t put it down. I just want to to know if she gets let back into the house after abandoning her husband and son. What am I thinking, of course she does, it’s a hallmark heart on your sleeve, get another tissue novel. Got time on your hands read “Harvesting the Heart.”

I recently bought “go the f*k to sleep” by Adam Mansbach for a friend. Of course I read it first. It’s less than 20 pages, and most are illustrations; regardless of its tiny size as compared to  its price, it’s amusing. I now want a book that says “f*ck the final exam, give me an A already.”  Probably not much market for that book, except for students EVERYWHERE. Given the fact that most students are cheap my marketing strategy would have to include a free cup of starbucks house blend coffee, or do a digital version so it couldn’t be resold for pennies on Amazon.

I also bought the Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey, read the first few pages and then gave it away before I could really get into it. Seems that I needed a birthday present immediately and lost custody of my book due to my tardy aptitude towards gift buying. Is it tacky to ask for a week or two to read a book once you’ve given it as a gift. Yeah I guess it is. DAMN.

Read anything good lately? Finals can’t go on forever. Right?