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I started this story and then ran out of time and left you with……to be continued.

We spent the first hour or more watching the spinner dolphins from our kayak doing back-flips and tail spins in the water nearby, passing under us, and surfacing next to our boat. We noticed a family of four coming up on our left in a boat similar to ours but didn’t really pay attention as they were one of many boats doing the same thing that we were, sitting and watching the show.  As they approached the two little boys sitting center stage, aged 3 and 5,  appeared delighted but a little concerned as their father slipped into the water from the rear of the boat. Dad had succumbed to the same desire I had, which was to get into the water with the dolphins, and maybe swim with them if they allowed contact.

My first thought was a little mean spirited. I wanted to watch him get back into the kayak without dumping mom, and the kids. I thought his odds weren’t very good, and somebody was going to get wet.

My second thought was I hope mom doesn’t jump in too, because that only doubles the odds against a successful reentry.

I didn’t give them a third thought as the dolphins continued with their flipping and diving and I was captivated.

I’ve seen dolphins before. What Floridian hasn’t, but these were so joyously spinning and splashing that it was a little contagious. I wanted to hop in too but I knew that getting back into the kayak might be more work than I wanted to do in 200 feet of water, so I sat still with my camera poised for the next opportunity of a clear shot.

Most of my images are of distant and indistinct fins, big splashes, and the back of my wifes head, shoulder, or paddle blade. I got a lot of those. I think she has shutter ESP, she certainly managed to get her paddle into a lot of photos.

After an hour or so the dolphins had moved on to deeper water, out of the cove and on to their regularly scheduled mid morning thing, and we continued on toward the Capt Cook monument to do a little snorkeling.

NOTE for potential kayakers: Hours between 8 and 10 seem to be the best for dolphin viewing. Rent from Kona Boys, yes they’re more expensive, but their boats are the best.

Somewhere in the middle of the trip about a half mile from land we realize that our quaint family of four boat to the left, now has two little fellas in the boat and mom and dad are in the water. It’s a snorkeling destination so it’s not an uncommon sight.

The odd thing was that the smallest boy was screaming, crying and watching the water like he expected jaws to come and get him. Real fear, not a fun scream at all, absolute terror. With ten boats nearby, no one noticed. I watched as mom tried to climb back into the boat and the bow flew into the air like a projectile, I think this is what caught my wifes attention because we both decided to go help. As we arrived at the disaster in progress we noticed that their boat had taken on a lot of water but due to the relative light weight of the boys they were staying afloat.

We thought that maybe we could get mom into the boat and attempted another climb in, but received the same results regardless of how much we pushed downward on the bow. Their kayak had taken on a lot of water and needed to be towed to safety a half mile away. With mom and dad in the water holding on to the sides we tied their boat to ours and began paddling for the shore toward the few commercial pontoon boats with their snorkeling cruise passenger cargo. Making almost no headway we caught the attention of another kayaker, a large Hawaiian man who took the rope, and burden of the family from us which enabled us to paddle closer to shore for help. We relayed our situation to the next kayaker closer to shore. Three kayaks later we finally caught the attention of the pontoon boat captain. A bikini clad, Ms. Hawaii runner up and Barbie look alike, arrived at the scene minutes later to save the day. The last I saw of our stranded family were the four of them wrapped in towels, their boat hauled up on deck for inspection and drinking water on the deck with Barbie, their savior.

Having done our good deed for the day we kayaked a little more, and found a shave ice stand on the way home to our Condo on the beach.

Recommendation: Mango and lime, together! It’s sweet.