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When I left the bank I realized that I’d had so little time for myself all those years that I had a laundry list of things I wanted to learn to do, places I wanted to see, books I wanted to read, and ultimately to write one of my own. It felt daunting at first, where to start, what to do, and how long will the money hold out until I’m begging for my old job back.

To give myself a guide and to get it on paper before I forgot it all, I decided on a series of guideposts or mile-markers, progressively building the skills that I wanted to learn, and a checkoff sheet to move to the next column and on to more difficult skills. In order to keep score, and on task, I set up a 5 year plan on an excel spreadsheet. It’s not an elaborate thing, just a list of stuff I want to do this year, next year and so on.

So far I’m doing really well on the list for 2012. Surprisingly well actually.

There are three items that I find I need help with:

1- Learn to make dark hoppy beer. -actually the line read “make good hoppy dark beer(& love) as often as possible.” I have that second part covered.
2- Learn to kayak & sail.
3- Cost out long term goals, and start saving $ without becoming a miserly bastard.

I think that #3 is more of a re-budgeting process and learning to have fun without dumping piles of money in my wake. It seems that with making more money I learned to treat $ more like paper than a physical representation of my hard work and effort. Currently re-jigging my brain into using money as a tool, and to become an economic traveler, and not a life tourist. It’s an unlearning process for me but I’m catching on quickly.

If you (blog reader) are interested like me in learning, or have the skills listed in #1 or #2, and are willing to teach me, please leave me a note. The world needs more dark beer drinking kayakers/sailors. Don’t ya think?