When did Christianity become a spectator sport like football or baseball?

Why do people vehemently defend their chosen ideology as if they worship the home team, and any religion other than their own somehow becomes the visiting team that gets booed off the field?

How does one single individual in America overcome the home team advantage?

In the land of the free where we defend the right to believe what we want with such fervor that we froth at the mouth at the thought; why then have we relegated so much of our culture to one set of beliefs?

Please understand I’m not trashing religion, anyones religion. You have the right to believe in whatever you wish. I just really want to know.

Have you seen these mega-churches that house hundreds of people every time they open the doors? Whole television networks on 24/7 dedicated to Jesus.

Christ! What does that cost?

You may join for free, but the recommended monetary cost of membership is 10%. Of course, if you can’t afford 10%, anything you can afford will be ok too. There is a little guilt thrown in for good measure to keep you honest. Who of you churchgoing folk hasn’t held the basket and thought “is this enough? I don’t have anything smaller than a twenty.”

The upside of a spectator sport like football, is the price of admission is clearly designated on your ticket. No guilt, no questions asked. Pick your seat, pay the designated price and have a nice time at the game. Period.

Here’s an idea.
Lets use the church concept of tithing, since so many of us already understand the idea. Say we all donate 10% or the typical tithe (donation) amount requested by the super churches (and some truly mediocre churches), and we take that money and we do something good with it. Like support each other. I’m not advocating handouts, we all know where that road takes us. I’m thinking hand-ups, with the promise of a pay it forward mentality.

It’s a write-off anyway.
Once you put it in the basket, face it the money’s gone, and all you get in return is one tiny line on your tax return that most likely won’t help you one iota on your tax bill.

Let’s quit paying for mega buildings, and pastors gold chains and $300 dollar suits, air time on television, and religious telethons begging for money, because what religion sells you in return for your hard earned cash is something that you already have; COMMUNITY, a sense of being connected to the world and other people, a sense of having a higher purpose than just doing time waiting to push up daisies in the local cemetery.

Lets cut out the middle man, and all that sanctimonious I’m better than you are crap, and put our money where our mouths are and be the upstanding pillars of the community that we pretend to be in church. But lets do it outside in the open, honestly, with a sense of integrity and love for those who share the earth with us.

Yeah I know, it’s a pipe dream, but it’s worth thinking about.