Reading the Bellingham newspaper (mullet wrapper) seldom has anything that really perks my interest, today is an exception and nearly vindicates my spending $15 a month on daily newspaper delivery.

Todays paper lists an article on page A5 that discusses an indictment against 16 members of an Amish community in eastern Ohio.

The headline-16 Amish plead not guilty in Ohio hair attacks.

The alleged ringleader is a man named Samuel Mullet Sr.

His alleged crime was to enlist members of his family to shear the hair from the faces and heads of other Amish persons (male and female) who were not treating Mullet and his community with the respect he thought appropriate. As the Amish believe that men should allow their beards, and women their hair, to grow long and not cut it after marriage, the act of cutting hair is highly offensive in Amish culture. Further embarrassment and shame was intended by the taking of photos after the attacks showing the newly sheared Amish victims. The hair cutting offenses occurred in a series of attacks in September, October and November of 2011.

I’m not commenting on the specifics or legality of this case, but I do find it highly ironic that a man named Mullet is in legal trouble for cutting hair.

I also have to ask myself, since this happened over a three month period, couldn’t the victims have banded together to get the word out and formed a HAIR RAID counter attack strategy, or a battle cry ” the mullets are coming.” I know that sounds insensitive, but time truly does heal all wounds, and luckily it also grows hair.