Infrequently in life
we are granted a view of perfection
perfection in a sense of proportion
not of exact circumstances
or an equivalent of beauty
but of balance
of harmonic resonance

Infrequently in life
we acknowledge opportunity
as it happens
in full appreciation
of the open windows and unlocked doors
that enable a glimpse
at endless possibilities

Infrequently in life
that perfect opportunity
presents itself
in a person
a feeling
or a thought
for a future unconsidered
yet fully realized in that moment.

Infrequently in life
divergent paths converge
at a terminal, in a station
one ethereal connection
amongst thousands
against odds that no gambler would accept

Frequently in life
we fail to hear life’s perfect harmony
we let slip that perfect opportunity
we fear to deviate from our selected path
we perpetuate our own failings
yet we long for that infrequent event
that will change our lives