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There is a fair mount of controversy about this weeks Doonesbury comic strip. Mr. Trudeau has created a weekly account of a newly enforced Texas abortion law which has upset quite a few newspaper editors, and put them in the precarious position of broadcasting a previously sheltered public truth. As a result of this potentially communal quagmire, many newspapers around the country are banning the strip from their pages. BANNING A COMIC STRIP? Really?

OK, Doonesbury author Trudeau has never pulled punches, especially when discussing controversial issues, but according to the Seattle Times the week long column accurately portrays the laws intent, and the newly established abortion procedure in Texas. Yes, it blurs the line between political commentary and satire, but isn’t that what makes America great? Regardless of your stance on Abortion issues, the ability to speak hard truths openly without legal ramifications or censorship is a Constitutional right and privilege. Our responsibility as citizens is to use that information to make informed decisions about our lives, not put our heads in the sand and act like America is a land of utopian dreams within the valley of Shangri La.

If we lived in a land of utopia, abortion would be a non-issue. In Utopia, all men would be held accountable for their actions, and  would fiscally participate in raising their children to adulthood. In Texas 2,337,000 children (36% in 2010, 34% nationally) are raised in single parent households.  Many of these households are headed by women who make 80% as much as their male counterparts. In Texas 18.8% of residents are living with food insecurity (hunger) on a daily basis. Of course, anyone familiar with statistics knows that you can use them to prove nearly anything if you get the right criteria balance, and the right demographic. My point is that we’ve lost focus on the actual problems of todays society, and need to redirect our efforts.

Thank you Garry Trudeau for being honest.

Thank you Seattle Times for not kowtowing to the  court of public opinion before session even opened.

As a woman and an American I am appalled by the attempt of censorship by the National Press. Shame on you!

As for Governor Rick Perry the sponsor of this invasive and unnecessary law which is intended to inflict mental anguish and shame on a vulnerable demographic of young women faced with a very difficult and personal decision. SHAME ON YOU!

Don’t believe me? You might refer to the Texas Governors page to learn about Gov. Perry’s stance on state funding of Planned parenthood. Read this site carefully to avoid being trapped in the rhetoric which tries to deflect focus of the states anti-abortion stance to the Obama administrations denial of Federal funds for Womens health care. The denial of a waiver is due to Texas’ request to limit availability to  only state approved vendors who adhere to Mr. Perry’s pro life agenda. If I were a Texan, my only request of the Governor would be to eliminate the spin, tell me the whole truth, and I’ll make up my own mind. It’s no wonder that American’s are fed up with politics, and politicians.