I’ve had this idea batting around in my head for about a month now and I just can’t seem to get it out of there, which means it’s important, or potentially important. So here it is.

I love putting things together, give me a puzzle, a car engine, or anything that contains the words “some assembly required” and I can peacefully lose track of an entire day. In my mind this is what bliss really means, to be so wrapped up in what you’re doing that you stop paying attention to the time. If you think thats odd, try it first. Find that thing that you love to do and see if you don’t forget to check your watch. Oh, nearly forgot only old people wear watches. Ok, check your iphone, electronic gizwhizzy in your pocket whatever you use to keep your scheduled daily life in order.

Here’s how I see the current state of affairs.

1. There’s minimal funding for the arts in schools.

2. Art especially music is beneficial to teaching children a laundry list of things, like discipline, pride, orderly thinking,…

3. I have at least 3 boxes of books that I’ve read and will not touch again, ever. I bet you do too.

4. I suspect there are a lot of kids out there who like me (when I was younger) like to put things together.

So heres the idea.

First form a a non-profit – call it “Literature for the arts” or “Books 4 Ukes” or something relevant & catchy.

Set up an easy to maintain website and call the local papers for some free publicity.

Next- Take all those books and sell them on ebay, amazon, craigslist, or elsewhere. Ask for donation boxes to be set up in local businesses.

The next step is to partner with a local school and get a small group of kids to do a demo project. It could be billed as a multi dimensional course incorporating the science of sound,

the practice of woodworking and hands on assembly, with learning a new instrument and music theory. At the end of the course the kid gets an instrument that they built themselves.

Use the book sale proceeds to buy instrument kits. There are some really good ones on-line that are relatively inexpensive. Grizzly.com has a mahogany ukulele for about $30 that is quite nice once it’s assembled, although the action is pretty high and will need to be adjusted for better playability.

If it works well with the demo group, try it again or branch out into larger more sophisticated instruments. There’s a Fender Telecaster knockoff that I’d love to build.

Am I crazy or will this work?