There’s no backing out now, the dates set, marriage commissioner is officially hired, honeymoon scheduled, and all I really need is a clean shirt and to find my dress shoes. Thats what I thought, but boy was I wrong. See, I am an eternal optimist. Where my partner sees 15 details that need sorting out, I see three things that I really want to do. Like right now, and I’m off wondering around on a mission of my own.Yes, wondering, as in I wonder whats over there, or I wonder what would happen if I did this. I’m perpetually curious and it gets me in trouble and wonderment constantly, and I’m too old to change and wouldn’t even if I could.

The solution? The honey do list. Yep I’m getting actual lists of things to handle.

Detailed, bullet point, action items with my name attached like I would shirk the duty if it wasn’t specific enough things like dog care?, silverware?, dishes?, party platters from where and what do we want to feed our guests.Invitations? It’s never-ending, it’s the list that refills itself like the head of a hydra that gets chopped off only to grow 2 more. Items 1-3 done, whammo 6 more things to add to the list. UGH! Now I get the concept of the wedding planner.

Eloping would have been so much easier, cheaper, and less stressful yet here we are managing a production of forks and knives, wine bottles and glasses, arrival times and getting the kids home afterward. I’m feeling more like the magicians apprentice than the modern-day bride. Thankfully I’m not alone in this, the list maker is feeling stressed too, and has taken on more of the fine details to keep me out of trouble, and to make sure that it all runs like clockwork.

If you get an invitation, that means that I’ve made it to the bottom of the list, if not please be patient. I’ll get an email out to you soon.