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Why is it that so often in life there are things that you want to do and things that you have to do and the later always wins out? Today I have to read 7, count em 7 chapters, and take a test. TODAY! It’s not like I goofed off and didn’t keep up, I’ve been diligent, well almost diligent I am posting on my blog (which is an assignment of sorts too). Working full time at the Bank was easier than this. What I want to do is finish this mandolin project thats been staring at me for three months now.

Of course once I finish it I have to learn how to play it. I’ll probably hand it over in search of the next building project. Hey I’m a builder not a player. Besides if I played, I’d have to practice, and who has time for that? I have 7 chapters to read.

mandolin under construction

What I’m doing is more like middle aged science geek hell. Four chapters for nutrition class, discussing the metabolic synthesis of fats, oops lipids, proteins and carbohydrates. I’m 45 my metabolic rhythms used to salsa dance, slowing into a tango in my thirties, but now Ginger Rogers (who’s been dead for decades) has a faster metabolism than I do. What do I care about something I don’t have anymore, you can’t jump start it when the transmissions wonky. Well you can, but you’re going nowhere.. fast. UGH! Then there’s Human Diseases. I love this class. It’s ALL about what will likely happen to me in the near to distant future if I live long enough to experience it. This week CANCER and/or tumors of all shapes and sizes, STD’s or communicable diseases, and PARASITES, especially the ones that are immune to antibiotics and eat your face off at the hospital. SWEET!