Today I am officially unemployed.

I find that I have to create lists of things to do to keep myself occupied. My partner would say that I need to keep busy to prevent me from poking things. I am very good at poking. I tell her that they limit the amount of spray paint one person can buy so the interstate over passes are safe tonight. It’s a joke of course, but “SAY IT WITH KRYLON” gets her attention and makes her wonder why she hasn’t actually met my family yet.

Luckily I have a plethora of things to do like calling to set up the phone, cable, moving stuff from Seattle, selling my car,  cleaning out my garage and renting a trailer to move my motorcycles.  FUN stuff! OK not really, but it passes the time.

You may ask “why this is taking so long?” or “why we aren’t finished moving,yet?” Please take note of the photo below, and remember that I’m from Florida. 6-10 inches of snow is not in my comfort zone, and I’m certainly not getting into my car to endanger myself or others.

or moving day

View from front window on moving day- then it snowed another 4 inches.

What I miss most on day 1 of unemployment is the interaction of my co-workers. Pathetic I know but it’s true. I’ve spent 11 years with many of those folks and they were my confidants, my buddies, and email just doesn’t cut it, and the dogs can’t manage to keep up their end of the conversation no matter how much prompting I do. So if you get a call…..answer the phone!