I’m not a ‘in the box’ kinda gal. No not at all, but today thats what I’ve been doing putting everything I own into boxes obtained from the liquor store. I must look like the biggest alcoholic on the planet.  I have six boxes that say scotch on it. One even has my last name. Breaking down my life by room, by box size, and  wondering how I got so much stuff and whether or not the thing in my hand is useful, wanted or just some sentimental crap that would be better suited for a trip to goodwill. Tomorrow promises to be the biggest nastiest snow day of the year,  and I’m depending on a bunch of folks to come over and help for minimum wage, and a beer or two in front of the fireplace tomorrow night. If they no show, I no move. Nothing like testing the love, because they sure aren’t doing this for the money or the beer. Hmm, maybe if they think there’s actual scotch in those boxes….